I am a former information architect. I lift my attention beyond the app, beyond the piece of tech, beyond even the user experience, to the whole system of interactions that users encounter at whatever stage of a service and/or process. I believe in system thinking through design, technology & strategy. This is my motto.

I am graduated from HETIC (master’s degree in internet engineering, marketing and design in 2011).

In 2010, I co-founded Dataveyes, a Human Data Interaction company. Dataveyes is designed to translate data into experiences, to share narratives, support new uses, and make sense of a world increasingly shaped by algorithms. Data visualization is one of the great challenges of this century. Through Dataveyes’ works, I am proud to be part of this revolution.

In 2010, I also joined a mathematics startup, MFG Labs, as the digital strategist guy, and now as Chief Digital Officer. The MFGs former mission was to maintain a day to day interaction between mathematical research and real world applications. I contributed, and still contribute, to build MFG Labs around two pillars: digital & data driven strategy, and information propagation.

In 2011, I co-founded Cinemur, a social application dealing with movies, as a subsidiary company of MFG Labs (sold in 2013).

In 2012, I designed the concept of Where Does My Tweet Go?, and its visualized algorithm called SpreadRank, which was exposed at La Gaité Lyrique in Paris, and covered by many media, including Wired.

Always in 2012, I designed for Warner Bros. the concept of the first compelling relationship management program: My Warner. I summarized the approach and strategy in this article.

In 2013, we sold MFG to Havas Group. Today, we help brands foster meaningful connections through creative data driven strategy and a sharp technology toolbox.

Between Dataveyes and MFG Labs, I am deeply and thoughtfully engaged in the Information Age.

If you have any questions, suggestions or thoughts, just drop me an email.