Messaging platforms & the old chimera of VRM
March 25, 2016

Marketing evolves at a very high pace, and will continue along our insatiable hunger for technology adoption. Direct Marketing, One-to-One

The Logistics of Information
April 25, 2013

We are witnessing the actual emergence of the third generation of IT systems: the ubiquitous computing blends into human behavior. Ubiquitous

The (New) Social Era
September 22, 2011

When we talk of Facebook, people first think of it as a network of friendships: I am friends with Jean and Paul, who are also friends, etc. Today

Charles Darwin and APIs
March 3, 2011

Last summer in San Francisco, Sam Ramji exposed the analogies between Darwin’s theory of evolution and the appearance of API (Application

Data Marketing
August 24, 2010

Many of us use data every day for work. Data helps us make better decisions and, when used effectively, can help to persuade an audience. Web